Let us find the hands you need!

EU Talents recruits chefs, waiters, bartenders etc. from countries with historic cuisines – like Spain, France and Italy – and matches them with Nordic restaurants and cafes.

We offer permanent and temporary recruitment solutions for both privately owned and group owned hotels, restaurants, cafés and gastro pubs.

From food preparation to service, we provide staff for all levels of establishment, recognizing the need of reliable, skilled and compliant workforce.

It is Free to try us out!

We work with a No Cure No Pay incentive – meaning, it is free for you to use our recruitment services and you only pay if you end up hiring any of our candidates.

How we work

When we hire, we look for smiles and fast feet. Technical skills are important, but much of it can be learned. You can teach a waiter how to hold a tray but it is much more difficult to teach him how to make a customer smile and come back. We therefore put a lot of efforts in testing personal and social skills so our candidates fit your company culture.  

Phase 1: We conduct a short call or a meeting with you to fully understand what set of skills you are looking for in your next employee. We circle in on the soft/hard skills and experience required but also the type of culture where he/she will be working in.

Phase 2: Once the requirements are clear and we can envision the candidate, our experts start the search of candidate within our talent pool but also attracting new talent.

Phase 3: The selection process includes interviews and personal tests to make sure we only present you the best candidates.

Phase 4: We present to you the selected candidates for you to interview them yourself and decide if you want to hire them or not.

Depending on the difficulty of the profile this process takes between 2-4 weeks.

For any other staff position not included below, please contact us.

Our 1-month Guarantee

We are proud to say that we have a success rate of 95%. To ensure you have the right candidate even after hiring, we therefore offer a 1-month guarantee period where it is possible to replace the candidate, in case of mismatch during the probation period.