Looking for highly skilled professionals to join your company?

At EU Talents we work with you to attract and find European candidates for your positions. Our experts work with a qualified pool of talent throughout Europe to find the right match for your company.

Due to the skills shortage in Denmark it is getting increasingly hard to hire the right candidates, especially when it comes to finding IT and technical professionals, engineers, etc. We take special care of all those positions that are difficult for you to cover and take you too much time and let you focus on the rest of your priorities.

How we work

The process is split in 4 phases, which ensures us to deliver results with accuracy and speed. Our aim is to find the candidate that perfectly fits with the company and position described and here you can find how we work:

Phase 1: We work together with you to understand the position, the type of candidate you need, personality, soft and hard skills and experience needed but also the type of culture where he/she will be working in. We aim to be very precise during this phase to be as accurate as possible in our search.

Phase 2: Once the requirements are clear and we can envision the candidate wanted, our experts start the search of candidates. Our methodology is based in an active search within our talent pool but also in the attraction of new talent.

Phase 3: The selection process starts as soon as we have several potential candidates for the position that match with the clients description and needs.

Phase 4: We present the selected candidates to our client and the client will be able to make an interview and decide if hired or not.

Depending on the difficulty of the profile to be hired, the process takes between 2 weeks and a month.

Additionally, we offer a 1-month guarantee once the employee has been hired. This allows you to assess your candidate and re-evaluate your decision of hiring him/her.