Spanish workforce is considered to be the most skilled and experienced workforce in the southern region. Until 2008, the Spanish economy was roaring and then it dramatically came to a halt. The downfall in the economy had consequences; increased unemployment was the biggest one amongst all.

Spain is a world leader in academic excellence, innovation and technology. The degrees issued by Spanish universities are highly recognized and valued academically and professionally around the world. Even more, 4 of the 84 universities are ranked in the top 10 in disciplines such as: Civil Engineering, Marine and Ocean Engineering, Veterinary Sciences, Food Science and Technology, Business and Management, Remote Sensing and others.

Today, despite being skilled and trained, Spanish people are facing horrors of unemployment as the unemployment rate has reached 26% and it’s four times higher than the USA and many other countries. Although the economy is recovering yet stats show that it will roughly take 10 more years to create balanced opportunities in the country.

The economic crisis, paired with the Spanish government debt crisis that started in 2010, has created an unemployment rate that is among the highest in Europe. What’s more, Spain’s youth unemployment rate has reached a staggering 56%.

Amid these unemployment crises, the Spanish workforce can seek international job opportunities. As the Spanish market is facing a shortage of jobs, many countries like Denmark are facing a skill shortage. So, two different markets are facing two different issues and the solution can benefit both.

Right now, the talent pool from Spain can easily find the desired opportunities in other markets.  All they need is a bridge that can connect the right workforce with the right market.


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